Here is a copy of the requlation that covers securing your loads to trucks or trailers.

This regulation covers all types of loads. As we haul our tractors and equipment to and from shows and other events, we need to be knowledgeable on how to safely transport our tractors. The following sections apply to us 393.100, 393.102, 393.104, 393.106, 393.108, 393.110, 393.112, 393.114, 393.128, and maybe 393.130
Click here for Oregon Cargo Load Securement Regulations These regulations were found on the Motor Carrier's web site and are posted here for your convenience. The requirements are the same for national and a link to national is embedded at the top of the document.

DMV is concerned about proper licenses and lighting of trucks and trailer and MC address the tie down of loads.

Travel Safely and Have Fun!